Dressing from day to evening

As men one of the things we value most is convenience. How do we dress for a work day and still look smart and chic enough to go out in the evening? What is the perfect uniform that allows us to remain distinct without being overly noticed?

From our perspective this always starts with a jacket. While the inner layers can be far more minimalistic, the right jacket on top will convey the perfect impression.

The perfect look therefore is a simple shirt, t shirt or roll neck with a pair of jeans and our Bombay Jacket on top, as worn by Jason Statham and Eddie Redmayne.

Summer weddings and special occasions

Choose a look that is simple, elegant and distinct.

This allows you to exhibit a sense of personal style and flair without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Summer is also a time to play with color and allow for us to be more bold in how we dress. Wearing a red linen suit on the Cote d’Azur is the perfect way to see and be seen.

Wear a jacket that can be paired with white chinos for a more casual evening look, as a pre-wedding dinner outfit. Such as our Bombay Jacket in denim as worn by Jack Savoretti.

Try a look that can be paired with espadrilles or linen slippers.

Compliment your figure with smarter choices

Look elegant whilst remaining unique. Our Bombay Jacket for example, aptly titled, The New Suit, works perfectly. It is more flattering to any man’s shape, emphasising one’s chest and shoulders and is slimming around the waist. It elongates the torso and creates the appearance of a leaner form.

It is versatile and can be worn from day to evening, as a smart jacket or for something as formal as black tie.

Often our customers choose it as the one jacket they travel with, as it is the perfect travel companion to suit almost any look.

It can be paired with a jean or suit trousers, a t shirt and smart trainers to create a simple yet elegant look.

Summer shirts: A holiday staple

Shirts are a summer go-to and choosing the right one for those hot days and warm evenings combines a multitude of factors, the Nepal shirt is the perfect example.

From the shores of Corsica in France to Okinawa in Japan, this shirt has seen its way across the globe and always comes back with the same stories: a flurry of compliments, a beautiful memory, and a special occasion even if it was supposed to be ordinary.

Its button down front creates beautiful optionality for the wearer: he may wear it unbuttoned as far as he likes, accentuate it with a beautiful chain, or may close it up to create a more formal look.

For summer occasions, this shirt works amazingly well under a suit or black tie, its exceptional button feature providing a fantastic substitute for a tie.

A crisp white Italian cotton allows for structure for a formal occasion if needed, whilst providing adequate breathability for a casual one.

When choosing your shirt pay attention to the details. With the Nepal shirt the shoulder is made inside out to showcase the highest level of craftsmanship and certify the hand make. Buttons on the side allow for breathability on hot summer days. The pleats above the cuff flatter the wearer’s arm by slimming down at the wrist and creating a more modern style.

The shirt that can be paired with shorts, chinos or jeans, and a blazer or suit jacket with any kind of shoe. It is perfect for a summer evening where you may not know where you will end up.

Sustainable dressing: what to consider for a piece that will serve endless summers?


Does the product have longevity? Is it made to last in terms of its quality? Is it trans-seasonal and classic, or is it trend driven or a fad?

Longevity of a product is one of the most important factors to consider in terms of its sustainability. If it is made to last, the likelihood is it won’t be discarded.

Where is the product made and what is it made of? Certain countries are known for being less sustainable in their manufacturing standards. Also distance to the brand warehousing and key markets would add a considerable amount of unsustainable practice in terms of logistics and carbon footprint.  

If marketed as a sustainable product from a large, global brand, is this a consistent effort or tokenism? Often brands sell items made from recycled waste but has their core product which commands majority of the sales changed or does it remain very wasteful?

What is the length of the product’s life cycle?

The shorter its lifespan, the more likely the production is unsustainable. Markdowns usually mean overproduction which inevitably leads to waste.


How we keep Advani sustainable:

Classic, high quality, made to last a lifetime.

Sustainable fabrics from mills in Biella, Italy.

Hand made allowing for strategic production, meaning less waste.

Re-use of all waste fabrics for new collection pieces.

Local manufacturers to minimize carbon footprint.

Seasonless collections - we value newness with purpose rather than simply for the sake of it.


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