ADVANI was born out of the rich heritage influences of Creative Designer Satyam Abhishek Advani’s grandparents. Taking the finest of Indian sartorial heritage and Savile Row bespoke tailoring, they created an enviable collection of unique, timeless pieces that were highly original.

  Designer Satyam’s grandfather, K.U. Advani, pictured far right, at the Derby in Bombay, India 1950 

 An incredible archive of bespoke collectors’ items followed, made for special occasions of the global jet set, who travelled across Bombay, London, St. Moritz and New York.

Designer Satyam’s grandparents and friends at the Taj Palace Bombay, 1951

The Collection followed, inspired by beautiful memories of a time gone by and richness in individual tailoring. Each piece accentuated the one before and together creates a range that encapsulates the pleasure of living.

K.U. Advani in a traditional Indian long shirt kurta and a bespoke Savile Row blazer

 From Copacabana in New York to Annabel’s in London, the Advanis’ heritage is an ode to a bygone era of nostalgia and abundance, where quality of clothing and attention to detail was unmatched.

 The Advanis had a long standing relationship with the St Moritz valley and lived there during summers and winters. Frequenting the slopes in the winters of the ‘60s, this was the golden era of winter tourism. Advani therefore has close ties with St Moritz; it hosts an annual pop up store there each winter and creates dinner jackets for its two most prestigious members clubs, the Dracula and Cresta Club.

K.U. Advani in St Moritz, 1961

The Advanis hosting new years’ eve at the Badrutt’s Palace, St Moritz in 1961

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