Advani Story

Advani was created and founded by Bombay born, London based Creative Designer, Satyam Advani. Satyam's vision is to create a new global luxury brand, which combines bespoke tailoring and ready to wear. It felt natural that such a brand combines the textile heritage, community and spirituality of the East, with the tailoring, style and luxury of the West. Advani uses modern, sustainable choices and clean lines, for a global customer. 

Inspired by a rich family heritage across Bombay, London and St Moritz, Advani embodies the pleasure of living through luxury tailoring. Bespoke idiosyncrasies and details from a bygone era of nostalgia and abundance, where clothing was made with the care and quality to last a lifetime and beyond.  
Advani was launched via a pop up store in Miami during Art Basel, and quickly became an art world favourite. A number of highly successful pop up stores followed, in St Moritz, London, Zurich, Marbella and Jaipur. Pop up culture became part of the Advani story. 
Three weeks into launch, Oscar winning actor, Eddie Redmayne, wore Advani in Los Angeles for the Golden Globes, immediately catapulting the brand onto the global centrestage with other household names. Advani quickly became a favourite of British celebrities, who are attracted by the subtle details of its individuality, allowing them to stand apart with elegance.
Advani is consciously crafted, sustainable luxury. Timeless classics with a twist are created with integrity and sold to each customer with seamless, personalised service. The collection comprises unisex jackets, shirts, trousers and eveningwear, available ready to wear, made to measure and bespoke. A tightly curated collection of elevated essentials, there is no over production or sampling, and products are made to last a lifetime and beyond. Longevity of product is Advani's core commitment to sustainability. Using only natural materials and no skins, Advani's wool is sourced from Loro Piana and Barberis, two of the most sustainable wool mills in the world. 
Advani is also highly committed to community. Its brocade fabrics are sourced from Varanasi, India, to support a trade revival for the craft. Packaging is sourced from Dharavi, Mumbai's largest slum, to help maintain jobs. At its core, Advani is about spirituality: a conscious approach to both design and business that prioritises working from the present moment and a true connection, from which real creativity and business begins. More Information
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